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Two rather strange words. The first meaning a collector of paper money and the second a collector of coins. Although in theory the later can mean a collector of both as it comes from the Greek word “Nomisma” meaning coin.


It is not possible to set a date when coins were first used as specific items have been used for barter as long ago as 1,000BC. Cowrie shells for example were put to this use on some islands in the Indian Ocean as a primitive form of money. The first what would today be called real coins were probably minted around 640BC by the ancient Greeks.


Bank notes are a bit easier to pin down. Logically paper money had to begin in China as they invented paper and they were in regular use in China around 960AD but it is thought there were some earlier issues around 820AD. Then for some reason or other, probably after an episode of hyperinflation, they ceased the use of paper money around 1455 and did not begin again until sometime during the Ch’ing Dynasty which began in 1644.


Paper money in Europe only really began in the 17th Century with the Stockholm Bank in Sweden issuing the first European bank notes in 1661 and privately issued Goldsmiths' notes being issued in England at around the same time.


During the 19th century banknotes became widespread throughout the world.

German Banknotes

The first German Bank notes Reichskassensheine were issued around 1875. During the following 120 years Reichs banknote and Reichs kassensheine were also issued. Plus of course the famous Notgeld during the inflation period.
The Deutsche Mark became the official currency of West Germany from 1948 to 1990 and then of the unified Germany until the introduction of the Euro.
German Banknotes for sale.

Russian Banknotes

The currency used in Russia is the Ruble. It is one of the world's oldest currencies, originating in the 15th century. It is generally accepted that the name Ruble comes from the Russian word “rubit” meaning to split or chop and it originally meant a piece of chopped gold or silver.
Russian Banknotes for sale.

British Coins

As well as coins I have inherited often, collections include both banknotes and coins. So I hope to be able to offer some coins that are surplus to my needs.
British Coins for sale.


Often I am left with coin or bank note albums or pages that I do not need. Also during my travels I have also come across a number of things that would be of use to banknote or coin collectors so I thought I might look again at some of these and see if I can offer them for sale.
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