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About Me

I have spent almost 50 years traveling and working in many parts of the world. Throughout Europe, Cuba and Vietnam, the USA, Germany, Russia and Malaysia etc. with periods of employment often stretching into years in some places.


Along the way I accumulated a large collection of bank notes making for example a particular point of asking officials and bank managers, with whom I was working in cities throughout Russia, to seek them out for me.


Now over 70 years of age I am spending my retirement attempting to compile a comprehensive collection from this mass of items.


Three things however quickly become apparent:


  1. I have more than one of many notes.
  2. There are notes that I do not have and.
  3. I cannot collect everything.

To correct this I have first of all been selling unwanted notes (mostly via eBay) be they ones I have more than one of or notes that just do not fit into the collections I am trying to build. 


Secondly I have also been attempting to obtain notes I need to fill the gaps in my collection but this in itself has become a problem because frequently, particularly at auctions, I am obliged to buy whole collections just to obtain the one or at most two I need and of course I then have even more notes I do not want or need.


This is why I have decided to set up this web site. Please take the time to look at it and remember it will change frequently as items are purchased and I obtain more notes surplus to my needs.


I will try to keep it as far as I can to only listing notes in very good condition but I am sure you will understand this is not always practical as I myself often cannot say I will buy that but not all the others in the collection that go with it. Plus of course a lot of notes that have a rarity value are still very much sought after even though they may not be perfect.


Grading Systems

I have also found that this grading system of Very Fine, Extremely Fine and Uncirculated etc. is very much a matter of opinion. What is Fine to one person is Extremely Fine to another. So I will try to use as clear and large a picture of each note as I can and include a comprehensive description of its condition.


7 Day Money Back Promise

I hope you find what you are looking for and if you purchase something from me and have a genuine reason to be disappointed please feel free to return it within 7 days and I will return the money you paid for it.

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