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Below are the items I have for sale. Unless the description of an item specifically says otherwise the note or coin in the picture is the one you will receive if you purchase it. If you do not find anything that interests you please look back again later as I will continue to add new things as I obtain them and get time to scan and load them.

  1. Click on the red arrow to the right and you will be able to scroll through the various groups.
  2. When you find a group you would like to look at click on the grey bar with the name on it and it will bring up all the items in that group.
  3. By using the red arrow again you can scroll through all the items in that group.
  4. When you see something that you are particularly interested in click on that picture and it will bring up a description together with any other pictures. For example the reverse side of a coin or note.
  5. You will see a small picture of a microscope. Clicking on this will bring the picture up to full size and by using the grey arrow to the right you can see any other related pictures.
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